Current and Future Projects



Reader Expectations + Queer Theory Comics Scholarship

Image result for queer a graphic historyIn this project, I do a comparative reader response analysis of the academic, popular, and public reception of Meg-John Barker and Julia Scheele’s nonfiction graphic text Queer: A Graphic History  Drawing from academic reviews, popular articles, and reader reviews left on Goodreads, I analyze how this innovative nonfiction text is categorized and discussed by readers–and what expectations that creates for readers.

In particular,  I examine how readers’ expectations about the text–either about the comics form or about queer history and theory–fundamentally shaped their reading and perception of the text.


Public Pedagogy + Feminist Pedagogical Webcomics

In this project, I explore the public pedagogy of feminist pedagogical webcomics, a term I develop to describe the growing genre of non-fiction webcomics that use deliberately feminist pedagogical approaches to teach about social justice issues. Drawing from an archive of comics on the media website Everyday Feminism, I examine how the comics medium offers storytelling tools that align with these feminist pedagogical approaches.